“We choose our state of mind, just as we chose our behaviors and our paths in life. So chose to do something great today for yourself and for others- be positive”~ unknown

I’ve reminded you all before and I’ll keep reminding you- to get in the habit of doing something nice for yourself everyday. I need reminders as well, because life is crazy.

Today it was as little and beautiful as finding wild roses on a hill in my back yard and writing. Sitting outside amongst the birds and blooms, committing my thoughts to paper, is my kind of perfect. Laughing with my husband, may be the only thing to top it!


” You are what you think about all day long.”~ Dr. Robert Schuller

I love this quote because it helps me believe that I am truly a “writer” and shouldn’t feel silly for calling myself that anymore.

What did you do for yourself today? And what fills your thoughts day to day?


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  1. Pat Owens says:

    Well I did finish that sweater as a gift; wrote a letter to the mom, future grandmother, to expect the sweater soon [tomorrow I should sew the zipper in and get it mailed!] I’d almost forgotten this GOOD accomplishment until your email arrived. Tomorrow a dental cleaning but it means a day or part of a day OUT so I should have a blast shopping or eating or BOTH!

    1. Look at you go Pat! Proud of you. Taking good care of yourself AND others! Enjoy your day out and hope the dentist is nice 🙂

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