Fredo- The mafioso raccoon

In honor of all the new pests I’ve come to meet in the mountains, I thought I’d repost this blog I wrote about my “love” of the outdoors and pests from back home.



Most crimes occur in places you least expect them to. Take my backyard for instance. We have a large screened in porch nestled among shady hardwoods on an acre of lush green grass. The birds sing their songs flitting from tree to tree as the squirrels skip through the leaves to find a hidden nut. Our dogs frolic in the grass as the cats bathe in the sun.

But dig a little deeper and you will see the seedy underbelly this serene picture hides. Hoodlums lurk in dark corners, waiting for cover of night to strike.


When leaving for overnight trips, I leave a bowl of water and food out for our cats ( the dogs go to their “grandparents” as they are more high maintenance). I started leaving a larger bowl of food due to a stray cat that periodically stops…

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