Ways to Remember Loved Ones Past and keep our Christmas Spirit Alive

Merry Christmas to all my friends and followers! May your hearts be full and family be near.

For those of us who are missing loved ones- I Feel You! Holidays can be tough. I’m always looking for ways to bring my parents close without dragging my spirit into the Christmas trenches.

My mother had a green velvet sac she placed a special gift in for me every Christmas. Since she passed, I keep beloved Christmas pictures, cards and trinkets attached to loved ones gone. It’s a nice moment to reminisce and keep them close when I miss them so much.

A kind-hearted OT I have the pleasure to work with, gave me a new tradition this year. Like me, she has lost people close to her. She honors them by lighting a single white candle on Christmas Eve. It reminds me of when my mother and I would light a candle for my father every visit to St.Pats cathedral in NYC during the holidays. Now I do it for both of them. Thanks to Ellen, I plan to add this to my Christmas Eve traditions.

What are ways you all honor your loved ones over the holidays?

Closing out this blogging year, I’m leaving you with pictures I’ve taken throughout the season accompanied by quotes to feed your Christmas spirit .I hope you enjoy!

Drop me a comment on how your holiday is and how you’ve weathered missing your loved ones❤️


Photo credit: cperciaccanto

Quotes provided by: Betsy Farrell and Goodhousekeeping.com


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