How to Ditch Writer’s Guilt and Write Now

Feel guilty about not writing enough, or about abandoning chores to write? You’re not alone. Here’s how to beat writer’s guilt and enjoy writing again.
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This is my “commitment” selfie. Getting up at the crack of dawn with my coffee and attempting to be productive in my office. OFFICE HAIR DON’T CARE!

I raised my hand when I read this blog post about writer’s guilt. But I experience guilt on both sides of the writer’s spectrum. I have guilt when I’m not writing enough or querying more agents. And I feel guilt when I’m spending a lot of time in my office away from family or missing social events.

I feel inadequate when trying to find the right balance between living and writing- or just being consistent for that matter.

Currently, my goal is to put my butt in my office chair once a day, regardless of how long. Usually, I’m productive even it’s just 15 minutes. It’s better than nothing . It’s better than me thinking- I don’t have much time. I’ll wait till I have a good hour to dedicate in the office. So far it’s been helpful !

Any one else have these difficulties or tips to help combat the writer’s guilt ?


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  1. My four cents😉
    E lizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is very helpful with this.
    Also , accepting that you won’t be good at everything or the best at pleasing everyone but you just may be a damn good writer if you devote the time.
    Living in a writer state of mind (thinking about your idea or jotting notes to stuff in your purse) and using ur notes app on your phone then emailing it to yourself helps you not have to be confined to your office but you can also catch some minutes on your lunch break or on your voice app when you’re driving then type it in late.
    Don’t feel guilt for doing what makes you “you” 😊❤️

    1. Thanks Suzie! Always great support and ideas 😊

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