My Day Alone

At first glance, this title seems depressing. But when you think about it … it’s pretty awesome! A day alone, especially for a writer is an opportunity for creativity.

We live such busy lives with our careers, families, social engagements etc ….

When was the last time you had a day or few hours just to yourself? If you are like most, they are few and far between.

I re-blogged Dr.Perry’s post yesterday about the importance of finding time for you. He instructed when you do catch that miraculous moment, to spend the time on you, not doing chores or running errands. It is a gift to your mind, body and spirit.

So I took this blog to heart and spent yesterday totally by myself, unplugged and working on me.

It was glorious!

Here is my day in pictures…

I started my day with yoga. This exercise has a way of replenishing your body. Why don’t I do this every morning?!!

Coffee – but of course!! One of the best ways to get my mind buzzing before going to my office to write! I honestly don’t need coffee – I just love it!

Pay no attention to the chaos of my writer’s nook. I’d say I need to straighten it, but let’s be honest. My office has and probably will always look like the inside of my brain. I spent many writing intervals in here today. Love having productive writing sessions.

While I fiddled about the day, I played some of my favorite classical music by Handel. It makes me feel at peace and calm.

Before the rains of Hurricane Florence came, I took the furr-kids for a short mountain stroll to stretch the legs and mind. Nature always unlocks my brain for more writing.

I should mention this was the only time I came out of my PJs- the whole day!

I got to spend some much needed time in my new sassy recliner ( yes, I own a recliner!!) I call it my reading nook. It’s in my bedroom and looks out over our “tree-house” window. I can relax, read and see my song birds flit to and from each leafy branch.

No day alone could be complete without a bubble bath!

And no bubble bath could be complete without some wine!

Then I ended my day with a favorite treat – Double Dark Chocolate Milano cookies and one of my favorite classic movies -“Sabrina”

It was quite the perfect day for this writer and introvert. I remained mostly unplugged- minus checking on the hurricane forecast…. and maybe a little SnapChat, lol!

My beard may be better than my husband’s !

Any of you out there get some time to yourself recently ? How did you spend it?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I get more hours than days and it’s funny that my pics would be nearly identical minus the wine and probably one more cappuccino 😉
    We are bestirs for a reason for sure. Glad u got time to write and love ur new recliner 😃👏👏

  2. Susan says:

    Perfect day. I get to be alone a lot and I am never lonely. I love it.

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