Nature Infuses the Writer’s Soul

I hope you all are enjoying your summers, and maybe squeezing in a mini break or two!

We have been experiencing daily summer storms here in the mountains which has made for a very green summer.

Have any of you got outside to feel all that nature has to offer? Nature is definitely my muse, but with my recent move it’s been hard to get time between all our home projects.

I thought I’d share the few times I got out in nature this summer and inspired me to put pen to paper.


* all photography by cperciaccanto and photo quotes by Brainy Quote*


3 Comments Add yours

  1. mydangblog says:

    Oh, those pictures are stunning! Do you also have a Flickr account?

  2. Patricia Lichtenstein says:

    Cara, your pictures and quote are absolutely inspiring and so BEAUTIFUL ! LOVE you !!!

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