The Beat-Up Roasting Pan

My annual Thanksgiving Post! Hope you all are filled with delicious goodness and surrounded by loved ones!


november 2012 phone pics 961I love to share this, my very first blog post, every Thanksgiving as it holds much meaning to me. It’s been published in a few papers and a magazine, so I feel these feelings resonate with others as well. Hope you enjoy-again!!

What are your plans this Thanksgiving? Are you planning the big feast, trying to figure out how to prep the turkey mascot which this holiday revolves around. Are you in charge of the pumpkin pie for a friends gathering? Maybe you are like me, every year experimenting with new side dishes, only to be reminded by your husband to stick with the basics that you finally mastered.

Each year I debate whether to actually bake the traditional apple and pumpkin pies, as my mother ,Ellen, would have done, or buy them from Fresh Market and claim them as my own ( just kidding). Since my mothers passing in…

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  1. Pat Lichtenstein says:

    Cara, you ALWAYS touch my heart with your Short and Sweet’s !
    Mommy must be proud of her little ‘sous chef’ !!! Your parents left you their sense of humor, too !

    1. Thanks for the support Aunt T!!

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