Grief is a Dog.

I really like reading essays on grief. They are spot on and creative.
“Grief is the guide dog assigned to us, suddenly at our side, when someone we love dies. We’re so unused to having her, we often trip over her.” Visit her site!

Alice in Authorland

“Your real life, your whole life, is worth getting your heart broken a few thousand times.” ~ Martha Beck

Take a vacation with Grief. Take the trip. I’m not talking about going somewhere, but getting to the bonfire of your broken heart.

Take a vacation with Grief the way you would with a dying dog. Let Grief snuggle up to you in all her juxtaposed, shell-wrecking emotions.

Pet Grief. Look into her eyes. Release your tears under the weight of her tender touch. Put your hand to your heart.

Make your time with Grief matter.

Is Grief’s size similar to that of dogs? Does small Grief linger, biting at our ankles for 17 years, while large Grief makes its presence known in every room, until its departure is so profound it’s as if all the furniture has been removed from the house?

I don’t know, for Grief’s size can’t be…

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  1. Very interesting article. Thank you for posting. I liked the comparison of grief to a dog.

    1. Yes she writes with unique perspectives! Thanks for stopping by!

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