The nine stages of trying NOT to write at work

Milly Schmidt nailed it with this one. I think she’s secretly watching me or something, LOL! Any “poor sods” out there with day jobs and write by night will appreciate this! Check out

The Cat's Write

If you’re a writer, undomesticated equines probably can’t stop you from writing wherever and whenever the tantalising desire strikes. It is a magnetic force that consumes you for a few minutes to a few days at a time, and it can strike randomly and without prejudice.

But, unfortunately… there is one thing that will try to stop you. It’s called your day job (if you’re a poor sod like me who has one). And no matter if you hate or love yours, the story remains roughly the same:

It’s 9am on a rainy Tuesday and you’re sitting at your desk at work typing up an important Report that must be sent to the boss ASAP, when a root begins to grow in your mind. And it’s a ferociously tenacious tentacle that is spreading like a weed. It takes you a minute or two before you realise what’s happened. The writing bug has just laid an egg in your…

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  1. Pat Owens says:

    I laughed at the cat that tried to fly. funny stuff and cats are great at being examples.

    1. Yes! She did a great job. Funny cat videos are the best!!

    2. That’s probably one of my favs! My boyfriend actually showed it to me the other day (he knows I’m a bit crazy about cat gifs) and I was determined to fit it into my post no matter what hahah

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