If my Parents were here…

Ellen and Joe

Today, October 1st 2017, would be my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary- were they alive.


I wish so much that I could wish them a Happy Anniversary, throw them a party or hell…just have a conversation or  a laugh with them. I would love to be able to hug them.



Both their lives greatly impacted and created who I am today. Equally so did their deaths. I wonder how different a person I would be had my parents been allowed to stay with me past my twenties.

These are my favorite because it captures their true personalities- Silly!


My hope is they have found each other on the other side, what ever that looks like. I  hope they are dancing.

Happy 40th Anniversary you two!

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  1. Lois Smith says:

    They are without a doubt celebrating in Heaven their 40th Anniversary….. Sending you a virtual hug Cara 🤗

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    1. Thanks Lois! Hoping you are well!❤❤

  2. What a wonderful way to honor them! I have always wished I could’ve met your dad because I know if your mom picked him he must’ve been a fantastic person. I can envision them holding hands watching over you tonight ❤️

    1. He was pretty great. I think I inherited his humor and silliness 🙂

  3. Pat Owens says:

    My parents made it to their 25th anniversary, can’t remember many past that. I remember buying them seat belts, what a practical worry wart I am! I know about your mom through your cousin Susan, but I don’t know about your dad. I lost my dad also in my early 20s; my mom closer to 50. (me, she was in her 70s)

    1. Yes, my dad was 39 and I was 8. So hard to lose them at any age, I’m sure. We are blessed to have for the time we did ❤

  4. Susan says:

    I was just thinking of them today. Burt’s moms birthday too. Love you. xo

    1. Love you too! Thoughts to Burtie ❤❤

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