No Matter the Stage, We are Never Irrelevant

Love poetry!! Wanted to share this beautiful piece esp with Autumn 🍂 blowing in!! Hope you enjoy !

Sumyanna Writes


In the autumn sunshine,

wind whistles

through the eaves of trees

and leaves continue

their lusty dance

full of life and longing.

You can hear them rattle

against graying branches

until at last,

they are set free.

They wander the hillside

in masses

twirling, twisting

and writhing upon the wind.

They caress the dark patches

of grassless earth

they cling to the wild grasses

the mended fences

and they find themselves

once again

loosely organized

in picturesque patterns

beneath the very tree

that bore them.

There is a cycle here,

a heartfelt longing

to embrace their purpose

no matter their stage

for when they grow –

they grow and stretch

as if life will never end

and the thought escapes them

that as days pass –

so to, do their breaths of existence.

Time passes and they cling tight

fearing the release

but looking forward

to the freedom of flight.

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