Write Outside: Mountain Lake Edition

Writing lakeside                Photocred:cperciaccanto

August is here and with it brings the last hurrahs of summer. I enjoyed our mountain summer since it lacked the thick humidity and scorching temps I’m familiar with near the central part of the state.

I’m happy to report I stuck to my writing goals this summer!

Lake Reflections               Photocred:cperciaccanto

My best writing buddy, experienced in screenplays as well as publishing her own novels ( check out her latest book: Queen, available on Amazon), gave me a tutorial on fiction writing using a screen play method: The 8 mini movie map. It gave me a greater understanding of action, pacing and keeping the story moving forward.

Duck family       Photocred:cperciaccanto

In a previous blog, I wrote about working with a professional editor I met at my first writer’s conference. She and I have been talking back and forth over the past two months and last week I received the finished product. She gave me good feedback, both as an editor and as a reader. She not only showed me what I needed to work on but what I did well, providing a balance this delicate ego appreciated.


Reading my manuscript for the first time, she said it reminded her of three books: Eat, Pray, Love by: Elizabeth Gilbert, Bridget Jones Diary by: Helen Fielding and Grief Observed by: C.S. Lewis. I felt honored my little memoir made her think of these wonderful  reads. Her comments gave me a confidence boost that all my hard work has not been a waste of my time.

Church on the lake       Photocred:cperciaccanto

So now I move forward applying the edits and maybe. . . just maybe. . . this fall I’ll begin the arduous and frightening query process. Any writers out there have any tips on querying? Perfecting a query letter is next on my goal list.

Bald Eagle Fishing                   Photocred:cperciaccanto

While all of this has been happening, my job has been on the chaotic side and I learned I have a rare metabolic blood disorder called Hemochromatosis. I may blog about this disease down the road once I get a handle on this new journey my body is involuntarily taking. This also sidetracked my Adventures in Volunteering. Though I hope to resume in the fall!


So with all that being said . . .  I am more than ready for our vacation coming up this week!

Send any summer stories, journeys or advice on querying !!!


Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and

carefully starts to sing while it is still  dark. ~Anonymous


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  1. U go girl! U rock!!😊❤️

  2. U go girl! U rock!!😊❤️So proud of u

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