Open Road

 A blank page is like an open road– full of opportunities. ~ Cara Perciaccanto

Photo Cred: Cperciaccanto

I had the pleasure of  listening to Terry Kay present at a writer’s seminar in Sylva, NC this past weekend. The sage author was full of helpful tips, witty banter and poignant one liners. The audience was sad to learn this would be his retirement speech, no more after our last class. When he signed his book for me, I told him I hated to hear him speak for the first time at his final speaking engagement. He said he was tired of hearing his own voice, and after seventeen books, there was little left to say.

I thought I’d share some of his quotes that stuck with me.

“I dont’ write to tell a story; I write to discover one.”

“If someone expresses faith in you, you have an obligation to try.”

” Every writer has a little bit of rogue in their soul.”

“Forget the rules!”

Terry Kay             Photocred:cperciaccanto

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  1. Great wisdom to share. I get the voice comment already and I’m not even 40 😳

  2. I love that line a blank page is like an open road. And about how we writing to discover a story. All brilliant and true!

    1. Thank you!! I love where writing can take us. I love having characters talk to me, telling me what happens next !And thank you for stopping by😊

      1. Your welcome. I enjoyed your blog .

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