Wildfire of Words

photocred:john maclean

Election day has come and gone. The decision has been made and many Americans are angry. In my humble, personal opinion, I felt either candidate winning would not be a victory. However, I am hopeful the next president will bring positive changes. That is all I can do is hope.

The past month has brought it’s own stressful events my way, and the election was just the cherry on top of a gross sundae. In the midst of recent loss, financial woes,  being surrounded by raging wildfires and now the election, I am in need of some positivity.


God forbid I turn on the television, listen to co workers, or read anything on social media. The hate and bitterness is spreading faster than the wildfires in my town. Our country has been in bad shape for awhile. I don’t know how to fix it, but I’m pretty sure tearing each other apart isn’t the answer.If we can’t stand together, unite for this country then we are each responsible for slowly unraveling the seams of our flag. The flag that symbolizes what so many have fought for to make this the greatest nation.

I decided to leave FB for a time to avoid hate and callousness being thrown around. But I find it’s everywhere now- Instagram, the blogosphere, the radio, co workers- I can’t escape it



The fires here are intense and many. Our mountains are parched, in great need of rain.The  newly fallen leaves following a beautiful Autumn unfortunately created more fuel for the fire. With just a small spark, leaves and debris ignited, which led to a small section of trees catching fire, add in some provoking wind and before we new it we had a wild fire. In the right environment, fire spreads quickly and has no concern for who or what is in it’s path. The fires are so large, they are joining each other, burning away our forest and  reaching our towns at an alarming rate.

We currently reside in smoke, anywhere we go, we breath it. It’s in our lungs, causing respiratory aliments and headaches. Our courageous firefighters and forestry service from all over the country are working tirelessly, but when something is this large and this intense, it makes their job difficult and hard to be successful.

I can’t help but analogize our wildfires spreading rapidly to the spreading of hate in our country. Callous, bitter words can only breed hate. Someone can easily write a few words of disgust, and cause irritation in the reader and that reader then feels cause to speak words of anger which then ignites the hate. Hate found its fuel in people and is happy to continue the chain reaction. And before we know it, that is all we are living and breathing around us.

My little heart can’t take it. I’m tired of inhaling smoke just as much as I’m tired of breathing the hate. So I turned to three of my best coping mechanisms:

1) Embracing my introvert and extricating myself from media and people who can only think in negatives 2) Loving the written word. Writing it, journaling it and reading books. 3) Christmas! Give me the joyful traditional music and sappy predictable Hallmark movies. If it’s wrong- I don’t want to be right!

So the point of this blog: Let’s be kind to one another. Hate and bitterness is catching, but so is kindness and positivity. Words hold power ( as I stated here in my previous blog), chose them wisely. Speak and respect others, as you would like to be spoken to and respected. Neither side is right and neither side is wrong, we must meet somewhere in the middle.


You may think me simple. That I live in Katy Perry music video full of rainbows and unicorns. You may say our world can’t exist in this One Love realm. Well, I chose to believe  that we CAN create a more positive environment. And I am entitled to my own opinion. Being an American gives me that right. And if I could live in a place full unicorns and rainbows, I would. And if you are a peaceful person, accepting of all and like to smile, you can come be my neighbor.


I displayed pictures from my recent beach trip to see my family. I always find peace staying with them and thought I’d share. My way of spreading a little peace and positivity your way.

“Be a rainbow in some else’s cloud” ~ Maya Angelou

                           “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your      attitude.” ~ Maya Angelou

photocred: cperciaccanto

13 Comments Add yours

  1. Sarah O'Brien says:

    Unicorns, rainbows & dogs and I’m all in. Thank you for your caring, hopeful message. I, too, choose love.

  2. Wonderful! Good reminder. As usual you know I’d be right next door in Katy Perry land and this time I promise to make sure the brownies are baked if I bring them over. 🙂 keep at it my friend. We all need more of Cara riding in on her unicorn and giving us a wake up call😉

    1. Holding you to those brownies, Suz!
      Thanks for the support 🙂

  3. Cheryl Ivans says:

    I love your positive attitude. You write beautifully. I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing more of your photos.

    1. Thank You so much for reading and I appreciate your kind words!! If I can bring a smile to someones face or more positivity into their life, then my words and photography are a success 🙂

  4. Charley McCaw says:

    I do agree with you when you said we need to unite our ancestors had fought really hard for many of us to get a lot of privilege in this country and most it’s not many abuses those privileges as far as what you can do I believe in my personal opinion but spreading a positive vibe would bring forth love and unity towards others. Positivity in my opinion is always the key to success you can never go wrong and you’re positive or it will rub off on other people it’s kind of like lighting a torch you lead the way and you handed off to the Next Generation and they continue on with that torch and that is what this country needs but your voice alone won’t do it you are definitely need others in your circle to help you because it’s not easy running with a torch because when you get tired you will need someone to help lift you up. I will keep those that I’ve been hurt with the fire in my prayers

    1. So true!! We cant go wrong spreading positivity. I would love to wield the power to start a positivity wave. Like a smile, it could be contagious.
      I like your analogy to lighting a torch. We need so much more positivity, respectful hearts, and motivation to be kinder people.
      Thank you for your positive words and commenting:)
      unite to spread the peace!

  5. Pat Lichtenstein says:

    Cara, my most beautiful niece…….please hang on to your unicorns and rainbows, that is what makes you so very special. My brother and sister-in-law must be so proud watching over their precious jewel.
    I pray you and Bobby will be safe now and always, perfect together in every way.
    Aunt T

    1. Awwww my beautiful sweet Auntie- now you put tears in my eyes 🙂 thanks for reading and as always your support!!

  6. Rochelle Stramiello says:

    Sweet Cousin Cara, we have never met, but your grandfather was my Uncle Pete, and my mother Tina Stramiello’s oldest brother. I am going to forward your blog to my daughter Holly (yet another of your many cousins) who lives in the Eugene-Springfield (home of Homer Simpson) area of Oregon. You share a similar heart.

    Your photos are beautiful, we too live very close to the ocean, and can see it in the distance from the top of the hills.

    First cousin, once removed, Rochelle Stramiello

    1. Hi cousin Rochelle!
      I met Aunt Tina in Arizona many years ago! All the siblings were together 🙂 So neat to meet and hear from you.
      Thank you so much for reaching out, reading my blog and sharing it! It’s the biggest compliment for me:)

      You must live in a beautiful area!!

      Nice to meet you and Thank you for the support! Appreciate new followers!! If you like the blog -add your email to box to “follow”. This just means my blog will go directly to your email and my follower list increases -which helps when I seek out a publisher.

      Hoping to get the memoir a publisher home next year.

      Best to you and look fwd to meeting your daughter 🙂

  7. Love the sentiment expressed in this post: Let’s be kind to one another. I, too, am glad the election is behind us. We need to move forward . . . together. Thanks for following Oh, the Places We See. We have a lot of places left to see in this lifetime, and we’re glad you’re along for the journey! — Rusha Sams

    1. I agree wholeheartedly! Thanks for reading!!! Thank you ♥️

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