“And while the paths and outcomes of creative living will vary wildly from person to person, I can guarantee you this: A creative life is an amplified life. It’s a bigger life, a happier life, an expanded life, and a hell of a lot more interesting life. Living in this manner-continually and stubbornly bringing forth the jewels that are hidden within you-is a fine art, in and of itself.

Because creative living is where the Big Magic will always abide.”~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic


I’m so glad my friend, Jean, gifted me this amazing read.I have enjoyed it so much that I began pacing myself because I don’t want to end. It reads like a daily writers, or creative persons devotional. Inspiration to keep you motivated to keep creating whatever it is inside you that fights to see the light.

This was a big piece missing from my mental puzzle, after my big move last fall. I had encouraged the change for years, but when it arrived I could not get my head wrapped around my new life. I endured the normal adjustment phase everyone experiences with any life change, but  my creative self never got on the moving van.

It took 10 months for my creativity to catch up. Now it’s alive and well and banging from inside my head to be set free on paper. Revising one book and starting a new one requires scheduling, a protected writers space and time alone to create- all of which can be hard to attain.

I fight the battle every week and am happy to report each week I’m at least seeing progress. I’ve learned if I don’t find the time, the voices in my head will keep me up at night. Any spare time, or spare space I have in my mind, scenes begin to play out, characters talk to me- creativity that never sleeps.

“But if your calling is to make things, then you still have to make things in order to live out your highest creative potential-and also in order to remain sane. Possessing a creative mind, after all, is something like having a border collie for a pet: It needs to work, or else it will cause you an outrageous amount of trouble. Give your mind a job to do, or else it will find a job to do, and you might not like the job it invents( eating the couch, digging a hole through the living room floor, biting the mailman etc.). It has taken me years to learn this, but it does seem to be the case that if I am not actively creating something, then I am probably actively destroying something ( myself, a relationship, or my one peace of mind).” ~ Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

It would seem, during my 10 month adjustment period, I also had a cooped up border collie barking to be let lose. Now he’s running free, and I feel more at peace- but also having trouble keeping up. 🙂

My go to assistant, motivator, special treat and addiction is coffee. Oh what caffeinated joy its rich roasted beauty brings, I could write a blog just on my love for coffee- and maybe one day I will! It definitely gave me the endurance to keep pace with my creative thoughts.

photo 1-4

I had fun taste-testing my next fix at Mountain Perks coffee house: Black Widow, Columbian and Baileys. The winner this round was Baileys.


photo 2.PNG-4

This picture just makes me smile. This is me in my Zen Zone. Yes, it was a beautiful spring day outside, but with coffee by my side, a full battery in my laptop and creative thoughts lining up, “Big Magic” was on the horizon.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. You HAVE written a lot more lately compared with earlier times. Thanks for the book recommendation. [and coffee!]

    1. Thanks for noticing Pat! I’m really trying and close to taking the next big scary step with the first finished book. Appreciate the support! And yes, I feel “Big Magic” really motivates/nurtures the creative soul 🙂

  2. A truly great book from what I’ve seen so far. Glad you’re letting that dog out. We all love to see it running 😉

    1. Thanks! That pups been nightly frisky lately. Getting some quiet mindful time is tricky, as you know well! It’s like hearing voices, LOL.

  3. Lora Tia says:

    Thanks for the book recommendation, it seems like an awesome read. I’m a coffee junkie as well and BTW your blog’s amazing.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and following. Always nice to meet a fellow coffee junkie :)….. Thank you also for your kind words -really made my day!!!

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