I heard today that to evolve as a person we must be at a precipice in life. Having felt it’s gravity several times myself, I know this to be true.

  Life’s brevity has followed me like a shadow, shaping me into the person who runs after her dreams and goals. Neale  Donald Walsch said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. 

 I hope to embody that statement by the time my light is extinguished. 

April 2015 has made me beam with accomplishment . It brings the one year anniversary of my double grafted ACL reconstruction surgery as well as finally finishing my first book.

  Both of these accomplishments parallel each other by way of the healing process. Physically my knee went through physiological changes to heal from injury and mentally my memoir brought me through a long road of healing a broken soul.

I took my mended knee out for stroll to enjoy the Spring sunset. The last rays of the day glistened through the trees and settled on my skin, keeping me warm amid the crisp air. The Saint Bernard across the street was calling her kids to stop their play and come home for dinner. Songbirds were my companion as I walked with a smile on my face. A perfect solitary moment for reflection .

 With the stages of grief behind me, physical instability and pain my past and the hope to help others with my book, I was  filled with a  luminous quality – Thankful, hopeful and happy.


Here’s living outside your comfort zone with no regrets!

Anyone else have these incandescent moments ???


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  1. Love this and I definitely think you embody this. U inspire me , friend. One of my recent moments would have to be when I got to dance on the wooden stage at the park with the two year old girl I was keeping. Free , unjudged and unfettered.

  2. Thanks Suzanne miller!! I can totally see you doing that too❤️

  3. Pat Lichtenstein says:

    You are an inspiration to all who have any type of limitation, temporary or permanent. Rock on precious niece ! Love you !!!

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