“Christmas in my Bones”

Here’s another blog I posted a few years ago. If not already,this author can fill you with the Christmas spirt!!


Xmas book picChristmas in my Bones

During the holiday season, I take a break from the usual mysteries or memoirs I’ve been reading and pick up a Christmas themed book.  Many Christmases ago my mother purchased a book entitled “ Christmas in my Bones” by W.C. “Mutt” Burton. Being a teenager at the time, I didn’t see how a book written by a 83 year old man could be “cool” so I didn’t read it. This was one of many mistakes I made as a teenager. As I grew older and wiser, I perused this book on Christmas and was pleasantly surprised.

It is a refreshing,  honest and simplistic take on what Christmas meant to a man who had experienced its joy 83 times. This was a man who was in love with Christmas and every experience that came with it. He recounts memories of being a small boy from North Carolina…

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