The Annual Christmas Light Fight

An Oldie but a goodie. It’s that time again!! Hope you enjoy.


Tradition states that when Santa makes his way in Herald Square during the Macy’s Day parade, the Christmas season has arrived.  In our family, this signals the time to put away the pumpkins and start trimming  the tree.

Every Friday after Thanksgiving , we took a long weekend to visit the NC mountains for our annual Christmas tree hunt.  Each year brought different friends or family, but we always rented a log cabin and went to the same Christmas tree farm. Bundled up in blankets , we huddled into the hayride that drove up  the  winding paths  into the farm…families sitting side by side, sometimes singing Christmas carols and  drinking hot apple cider, while taking in the 360 -degree mountainous view.

At the appointed destination , we hopped out in excitement to locate and cut down the family tree. We trekked through a  maze of Frazier firs until “ The…

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  1. zazz816 says:

    Yea, I got to read one of your chapters. We did that once in Holmdel. When Pat told me the tree was too high, I had to cut 18″ off. No problem. She went in the house. The bright one took 18″ off the top. We then had a Christmas bush.

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  2. Pat says:

    I love a happy ending [except for the blinking lights]
    Next year I told hubbie I want another “Charlie Brown tree” of the local Century Plant stalk [we live in NM] but this year we have a wee [4′ on a table] artificial tree with my smaller ornaments. The ornaments for me are the better memories. My son [now 42] made a LOT of the ornaments from Kindergarten through teen years and some ornaments were gifts from various family and friends.
    One year I took my in-laws [kids, really since I married the oldest brother] out to find a tree to cut. We could NOT agree on a tree, came home empty handed and went to a local tree salesman on a corner lot near home and bought an already cut tree. Bad us!

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