I’m on vacation visiting my family. My mother, who died at 55 from cancer, is no longer apart of these vacations and is missed. My Aunt Patti, my mothers sister, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in her early 60’s. Now, vacations here mean more than surfing, golf and tennis. It means watching a cruel disease take your loved ones spark and smile. But it also means being inspired by all sides of love. The depth of love exampled by my uncle to his ailing wife of 50 years, is beautiful and touching.
As a writer, I had the visceral need to get my thoughts onto paper. To write about my love- hate relationship with time.
As much as I hate the cruel disease that took over my aunt, I am comforted by her life.
My Aunt and Uncle lived a life worthy of envy. I think part of my love of traveling stems from looking at their pictures and listening to their adventures from all over the globe. They took life by the “cojones” and never looked back.
Below is the poem I had to share….

Uncle Tillo and Aunt Patti
Uncle Tillo and Aunt Patti

Time is a friend to all, yet a friend to none.
It can heal all wounds, or lacerate a new one.
Your view depends on your perspective.

Cancer makes you appreciate what is left.
Time becomes a gift to be cherished.
With Alzheimer’s, time is a torturous thief.
Slowly robbing you of your mind, your family’s spirit.

Live your life, like you are on stolen time.
Never wait till time is your enemy to live.

Time parallels money, feeling we never have enough.
Some have an abundance, others are short-changed.
Some spend cautiously, others more freely.
Not knowing the balance until the account is empty.

Whatever the sum, learn to let go.
Live on your own terms, with no excuses or regrets.
Explore the world, laugh daily, love openly.
Exhaust all your funds, before life tells you
You are bankrupt.

Aunt Patti and me.
Aunt Patti and me.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Pat says:

    shedding some tears here, well said! I only know Susan and Burt but feel as if I know you all.

    1. Susan says:

      Pat, you are a kind angel in all our lives.

  2. Powerful thoughts, Cara.

  3. Susan says:

    Thanks, Cara. I’m so lucky to know you.

  4. Till Zazzali says:

    I am a very proud uncle.

  5. Lois Smith says:

    This is the first time that I am tearing up instead of laughing/smiling after reading one of your blogs. It’s not a bad thing though. It opened my eyes to not feel guilty about enjoying the good life I now have. Thank you Cara!

  6. A different style for you. Loved it! More poetry on your horizon I think.

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