The Window

Here I sit on the threshold of another year. Still living in the land of waiting and what’s next. Last year at this time ideas of a new start and adventure were brewing. Though as excitement fizzled out to more realistic thinking, my route U-turned to limbo land yet again. Still questioning what adventure life had waiting for me. There must be a plan, a path in need of my footprints.
The time came to go in search of our path, my husbands and mine. The more we traversed, the more dead ends and road blocks were met. Frustration, depression and anger became new self-imposed boulders on our road.
Time to change course and march in a different direction. Contemplation, determination and prayer were our new travel companions. Our route became less cluttered. No road blocks impeding progress. It was forward motion. Beautiful landscaped paths welcoming us forward. As if we picked the right door on the “Price is Right”. As if God said, “ Finally! I kept throwing rocks, boulders and construction sites in your way to steer you in the right direction”.
Last year life reminded me of the old saying “ When God closes a door, he opens a window”. I feel like we finally found that window, and we are climbing out of it as if the house was on fire!

Cheers to new adventures in 2014!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Susan says:

    more more more. what what what?

  2. chadkmiller says:

    Jump out of that window, go for it! We are excited for both of you, to see what lessons God has for 2014. May they take you new places and help you to keep growing in him.

  3. So glad for you! Very good comparisons here. I like how Joyce Meyer adds to the saying by stating when god closes a door he will open another one but it doesn’t mean there won’t be fire in the hallway. You’ve come through your backdraft.

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