Christmas Flair

cara elf pic

I am short person, both  in height and in temper.  Maybe it’s the by product  of my Southern Italian roots colliding with my feisty Irish roots.  Maybe it’s the pressure of our society to be in constant motion: racing kids to practice, checking off to-do lists, accomplishing career goals, finding Mr. or Mrs. Right and lasting longer  than the “winning” couple on   “ The Bachelorette”.

My friends would tell you that I am a optimistic person at heart, with a cheery disposition  most of the time. Notice I said “ my friends“, not my husband , because he sees the mutant beast I become in the morning.

However, get me behind a wheel and that cheery disposition fades to ugly road rage. Is it really too hard to put on a blinker, people? If your head barely peers above the steering wheel- its time to take the bus. And mopeds…I’m not even gonna open that can because I feel my blood pressure rising as I type.

I’ve noticed, for myself at least, that December has a certain calming effect. The holiday season tends to mellow out my short fuse. I am “that person” who wears Christmas flair throughout the month. Ribbon headbands complete with jingle bells, sassy Santa hats and I own 20 plus pairs of  holiday socks.  I bet you’re thinking with my short stature and love for all things Christmas, that I would make the perfect Elf. Well, been there done that ( Thank you Sandhills Regional Hospital), and I can tell you the pointed shoes and tights look cooler than they actually are.

Driving home from work one night, I was bothered that I was again driving home in the dark. I wished I had less documentation to write so I could get out on time. But, as I continued to drive, I noticed I was being escorted home by many beautiful and “unique” displays of holiday lights. My grouchiness passed as I slowed to enjoy my  ride home.

Similar situation happened when driving through a bustling downtown. I was in the turning lane, impatiently waiting in a long line. I noticed a man pulling out of the bank, attempting to get to the opposite side of the road. This was feat considering the traffic. I knew if I stopped and left a gap, he could make it. However, I would miss my turn at the light. Knowing I really wasn’t in hurry, I impatiently waved him through. Maybe it was the sassy Santa hat  I was wearing that eased my road rage. As he drove through, he slowed down and yelled out “ Merry Christmas!!” This brought a smile to my face as we ,two strangers, simultaneously delivered Christmas cheer.

Imparting  Christmas cheer or taking the time to actually enjoy it, only required me to slow down.  Slow down and breathe in the holiday season.  It comes but one time a year, when we tend to give more of each other : to our families, charities and for some  our faith.  It’s a beautiful time of year, I think we all wish came more often.  I know I wish I would apply more aspects of the holidays to my life throughout the year. I would be far less stressed for sure.

“ Christmas gets newer every year because the Christmas Spirit renews and refreshes  the heart.”  – W.C. Burton


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Very true 🙂 I never think of you as grouchy. You always seen to maintain comedic relief about it. Well written and good examples. I was glad the guy yelled merry Christmas. for a sec I thought he was going to yell something else 🙂

  2. Larry Steve Crain says:

    Love your essay, Cara. Merry Christmas.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Great thoughts Cara Mia! I hope we get to see the elf soon:)!!

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