How to give back this Thanksgiving


During this time of “Thanksgiving” I hope you are reminded of all the blessings that surround you. In my last blog, I stressed the importance that time was a gift to share with our loved ones . Lets take the time to not forget others that are less fortunate . I’ve always had the idea of switching my family dinner to Friday and volunteer at a food kitchen on Thanksgiving. I’ve never acted on this notion , but hope to one day. This year I did a small monetary donation to “Feeding America”. Every little bit helps. If you able, please take a peak at these links. Maybe you can “Pay it Forward” Thanksgiving style!


       Join the fight against hunger:

  • Simply text “CHEW” to 50555 and donate $10 to “Feeding America”. ABCs “The Chew” has partnered with “Feeding America” to raise awareness on the fight against hunger . Disney has agreed to match each gift , up to $25,000. Or go to

  • Contact your local food bank. You can go online to to find your local drop off point for actual food donations. There you can find a “Most needed items list”. Or you can make a monetary donation online as well.


Help the people who have fallen on hard times: Hurricane Sandy Victims

  • Check out “NOLA Pay it Forward”. The Greater New Orleans Foundation has spearheaded this organization to help out victims of Hurricane Sandy . “ We know the importance of having outside help”- Mayor Landrieu

  • You can always pledge your time or monetary donations online through the “American Red Cross”

Vegetarian or Animal lover :

  • “Farm Sanctuary” – You can sponsor a turkey and help him stay off the table and to never become dinner! You get a adoption certificate and everything.



Have A Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. Great reninder:) you are always great about thinking about others

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